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Lump sum payment specialists since 1992

For more than 20 years, Granoff Enterprises has helped clients turn future payments due to them into lump sums now— quickly, fairly and professionally.

Are you in any situation in which you are a recipient of future payments due to you, payable over time, from a financially strong source? Are you a lottery winner or beneficiary/payee on an insurance policy with future monies payable to you? Have you won a lawsuit with this settlement paid out over time or are you receiving annuity installments? If so, you can rely on us to purchase all or some of the cash flow you are owed and provide you with a lump sum payout now at an honest price— often more than you may expect.

If you need immediate funding to start a new business, take the vacation of a lifetime, pay for medical bills, pay down consumer loans like credit card debt or have other needs for extra money, we can help you get the money owed to you when you need it most— now.

How Do I Sell?
How Do I Sell My Future Cash Flow?

If you desire up-front cash now for some or all of your future installment payments, look no further than Granoff Enterprises.

Professional, respected and long established, we have been helping individual clients fund current financial needs for more than 20 years.

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Get a Free Quote

Find out how easy it is to receive a lump sum cash payment for all or some of your future structured settlement payments, annuity payments, lottery winnings or other cash flow.

Contact us by email for a complimentary consultation, or complete this questionnaire for a free quote. You can also reach us at 1-800-869-6060

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Sell Your Cash Flow
Sell Your Future Cash Flow

At Granoff Enterprises we understand that life happens and a payment schedule that worked in the past may no longer suit your needs.

Whatever the motivation, you don't have to wait for some or all of the scheduled payments owed to you— you can cash out now with our expertise.

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