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We reward referrals!

"Marty is regarded in the industry as a true professional. In my 12 years of working with Granoff Enterprises, I've always been able to count on them for their experience and industry knowledge to complete transactions quickly and smoothly, resulting in many satisfied clients."
— Stan Silverman
Cash Flow Broker in Pennsylvania

Learn about our new client referral programs.

Granoff Enterprises owes its continued success to word of mouth and referrals from existing clients and industry professionals.

Our operating philosophy is "everyone wins." The end client gets the highest possible amount to fund their current needs, the referring cash flow broker receives a fair compensation and Granoff Enterprises is able to earn a profit based on smart financial practices. We have grown our business this way since 1992 and have earned the trust and respect of clients and professionals across the country. To this end, we have a strong referral program in place for anyone who introduces a new prospect to us who does business with us.

Our Referral Program is open to:

  • Existing Clients
  • Attorneys
  • Accountants
  • Wealth Managers and Financial Advisors
  • Cash Flow Brokers
  • Life Insurance Professionals
  • Bankers
  • Individuals referring friends or colleagues

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