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If you wish to contact any of our clients who have submitted testimonials, call us at 1-800-869-6060.

Metlife FINALLY came through!!!!

Linda and I were really stressing out the last few days but your people have been fantastic trying to push Metlife along, getting all the paperwork done and responding to our emails which would getting pretty stressful towards the end !    Yesterday afternoon the wire was finally received!!

LET us THANK YOU and everyone else involved in getting this transaction done.   Everyone was so professional, knew exactly what to do, and helped us along through the process.   We would highly recommend everyone should we know of anyone needing settlement funding in the future.

Structured settlement client in NJ 

“I really have enjoyed brokering notes to Granoff Enterprises. I first came in contact with Marty when I read one of his articles in an industry publication on how to broker personal injury settlements. He was very encouraging and took his time to explain to me how to broker and how to market for these. This initial contact lead to me brokering other cash flows to Granoff Enterprises. They are very professional. They answer my calls in a timely fashion. I am able to provide my clients with a quote usually on the same day or the very next day.They will not only give you a quote but mentor you in the process. Granoff Enterprises has been a dependable source for me to broker cash flows to.”
Kevin Sanders
Cash Flow Broker in Texas

Ann lives in CA and is a recent client of ours. She needed to sell her future monthly annuity payments to get out of debt. We saved her car from repossession and her home from foreclosure... Marty

"I recently had the opportunity to do some business with Granoff Enterprises. Martin Granoff worked with me directly. I was pleased with the attention to my needs, his problem solving skills, his attention to detail, his immediate availability and above all else, his honesty. In this day and age, it is a rarity to work with someone who will tell you honestly what's up and is available to discuss problems that arise. Mr. Granoff went over and beyond what was expected and we had more than satisfactory results. In the future, if the need ever arose, I would definitely do business with this company and Mr. Granoff again."
Ann A., California

Steve sold his business, took back a note to finance some of the purchase price for the buyer and this note he later sold to us. The buyer of this business now make the monthly note payments to us. Steve remains employed there... Marty

“Martin, I wanted to thank you for providing the funding I needed on my business note. I have made many business deals throughout my career and none have been as easy and pleasant as this one. Your offer was more than fair and considerably higher than any competitors’. I still look back in amazement at how fast Granoff Enterprises was able to get the deal closed. I would highly recommend your services to anyone looking for cash flow solutions. Thank you for everything, I hope you have a healthy and prosperous future.”
Steve Eaton
C.E.O. of a medical supply delivery company based in Florida

“Marty is regarded in the industry as a true professional. In my 12 years of working with Granoff Enterprises, I've always been able to count on them for their experience and industry knowledge to complete transactions quickly and smoothly, resulting in many satisfied clients.
Stan Silverman
Cash Flow Broker in Pennsylvania

Jason had a business that sold to and delivered to mainly restaurants many of the supplies they need. He sold this business last year and as part of the sale, took back a note from the buyer. We first acquired just some of each future payment and then the balance of each future payment so we now own the entire note. The buyer thus makes his monthly payments to Granoff Enterprises... Marty

“Granoff Enterprises was there for our business when we really needed it. Their array of cash flow solutions and consultative approach made us realize we were not out of options when we needed them the most. By selling our five-year owner finance business note, we were able to utilize the bulk payment to fund final development of a major website venture that was at a standstill. The transaction was prompt and painless— and the having the ability to move forward with our dreams was priceless. I would recommend Marty and his team to anyone and will use the services again if or when the need arises.”
Jason Pampell
President and Owner of a restaurant supply company in Texas

"Since 2004, I have consulted many times with Martin Granoff of Granoff Enterprises and always found him to be knowledgeable, courteous, professional, and easy to work with. He says what he means and does exactly what he says he will. Best of all he gets right to the point and doesn't waste your time with double-talk-- a rare find in today's business world."
Darren Gray
Cash flow broker based in Nova Scotia, with business in the United States.

Tik owns a cattle ranch in Oregon and participated in a federal land conservation program. He received payments over five years from the federal government for managing and maintaining his property following specific government conservation guidelines. He sold Granoff Enterprises some of these future payments for a lump-sum now -- Marty

“Granoff Enterprises is a great organization to work with. Marty is not afraid to ask the hard questions, but if you have the right answers he will make it happen. We were dealing with a governmental organization which made it even harder to get information in a timely manner, but Marty stayed the course. He was able to help us get the cash we needed to purchase more livestock for our ranching operation and internet meat business.”
Tik Moore
Cattle ranch owner/operator in Oregon


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