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Granoff Teleseminar

Jan 8, 2013

Posted by Marty Granoff

This is a 45 minute webinar interview of Marty Granoff by Bill Mencarow of The Paper Source, Inc. held on 1/8/13. The Paper Source, Inc. was founded in 1987 by Bill Mencarow and his wife and business partner Alison. It trains note brokers and investors and brings them together via its websites (PaperSourceOnline.com, PaperSourceUniversity.com, PaperSourceSeminars.com and cashflows.org), monthly journal, home study courses and seminars. The Paper Source Journal is possibly the cash flow industry's oldest and most respected trade publication and Marty has had many articles published in it. The Paper Source, Inc. has also held many trade conventions over the years at which Marty has held workshops.