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Granoff Shares Tips on Acquiring More Structured Settlement Payments

Aug 9, 2013

Posted by Marty Granoff

Davie, Florida (July 18, 2013) – Martin Granoff of Granoff Enterprises is offering cash flow industry professionals some valuable tips on how to acquire more structured settlement payments. He discusses these in one of his articles entitled What Kind of Deal Flow Have We Been Experiencing?, published on CashFlowExclusive.com.


In the article, Granoff highlights that the number of people who are looking to cash in on their future payments has grown steadily over the last few decades. These people hold annuities, casino prizes, or contest and lottery winnings, and have realized the need to convert these structured payments into lump sums. This may be because they are starting business endeavors, paying unexpected medical bills, facing forced pay reductions, or the loss of a job.

Even if some cash flow brokers recognize this demand, they still have a hard time searching for clients who are looking for a buyer of an annuity structured settlement and who they can trust to give the best deal possible. Granoff shares that the problem lies in brokers' inadequate prospecting and marketing skills—weaknesses they can improve on by taking his helpful tips.

First, he advises them to examine if they have been members of several chambers of commerce and if they introduce themselves to more people during special events. He says that they should avoid talking to the same sets of people in order to expand their network of prospective targets.

Next, they should think if they have been talking to enough accountants, attorneys, financial advisers, realtors, and insurance agents about what they are doing. He advises brokers and cash flow professionals to keep on calling and talking to more people from these sectors and never lose hope whenever they get negative responses. Mortgage brokers are another set of people that cash flow practitioners should also coordinate with when it comes brokers' turndowns and alternative ways to provide financing.

Lastly, Granoff notes that building good relationships with personal injury attorneys may yield outstanding results as far as finding cash flow clients is concerned. These lawyers help people secure structured settlements and may provide client referrals in the future.

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