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Granoff Offers Tips on How Brokers Can Sell Annuity Payments Better

Aug 12, 2013

Posted by Marty Granoff

Davie, Florida (July 19, 2013) – Martin Granoff, the co-founder of Granoff Enterprises, is offering brokers tips that can help them become more successful as they sell annuity payments on behalf of cash flow recipients. He provides tips based on his company's more than 20 years' worth of experiences dealing with different types of brokers.

When cash flow recipients need immediate financing, they have the option of selling annuity payments to get the money they need. To help them sift through the details and obtain the best deal, they may acquire the services of a broker. Recognizing the importance of the relationship between the two parties, Granoff explains what brokers can do to make this partnership work.

He points out that good brokers always obtain pertinent documents and information about a sale and present these to investors. This enables the latter to evaluate terms of the annuity payments, determine if they make for a good purchase, and ascertain they are working with credible sellers. Commonly, this is done by brokers who are working directly with the note seller and not with another broker.

Good brokers also establish good rapport with the seller. This lets them respond promptly when an investor calls for more information, as they are able to obtain the answers quickly from the seller. In contrast, unsuccessful brokers fail to do this—usually because they only hear of the note they are trying to broker via another broker, or through unreliable note-listing websites.

Barely able to obtain any information regarding the cash flow they are trying to sell, they might not even understand what it means if they do get it. As a result, they hardly ever respond when contacted for additional information, or do so only after a long time. They also tend to sell the note in a very desperate fashion. Granoff considers these brokers as individuals simply wanting to make a quick buck.

To make it good in the cash flow industry, he advises aspiring brokers to only deal with notes that they themselves would want to acquire, learn as much about the cash flow before they begin selling it, and determine if buying it is reasonable and worthwhile.

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About Granoff Enterprises

The company was established in 1994 to help lottery and other contest winners receive a lump sum payment for their winnings instead of getting it in scheduled partial payments. The firm has eventually grown to include the purchase of other kinds of annuities and settlements in their services.