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Granoff Offers Assistance in Selling Structured Settlement Payments

Jun 3, 2013

Posted by Marty Granoff

Fort Lauderdale, Florida (May 31, 2013) - Granoff Enterprises is offering assistance for people who are looking to sell their structured settlement payments in exchange for lump sum payouts. The firm finds companies, private investors, or individuals who purchase annuity payments and give the best possible offers.

They take away the burden from clients by searching for prospective buyers, gathering quotes, and guiding them in choosing the offers most suitable for their needs. In doing so, they help provide faster cash outs for people in urgent need of money for various reasons. These include immediate financial emergencies, tax-related concerns, divorce cases, or a shift in financial priorities, among others.

Despite yielding steady monthly cash flows, annuities including contest, casino, and lottery winnings, as well as personal injury and insurance payments, can only do so much. They fail to give huge financial relief especially when people already have to pay for child education and home mortgages, or invest in a new business. Selling them to a qualified buyer of annuity structure settlement who is thoroughly screened is essential to attain favorable returns.

Hailed as a lump sum payout specialist, Granoff Enterprises provides fast and efficient solutions to urgent financial problems. They carefully assess every client's situation and specific targets and match them with the right groups and individuals that can help them get the money they need.

They also work through third parties like attorneys, accountants, cash flow brokers, wealth managers, life insurance brokers, bankers, and past clients by giving them referral incentives. The firm does not employ sales people and marketing staff, enabling them to earn substantial savings and give higher purchase quotes due to having lowered overhead expenses.

To jump start the company's growth in the early 1990s, founder Martin Granoff practiced prospecting by acquiring lists of accountants and financial planners across the country, to find out if they had lottery winners as clients. He also obtained lists of winners from state lottery commissions, hoping to offer them lump sum deals. Today, he educates people regarding the fundamentals and advantages of selling annuities through informative articles on www.CashFlowExclusive.com, where he also shares his valuable insights regarding the industry.

To learn more information on the benefits of selling future cash flow, or to request a free quote, visit www.GranoffEnterprises.com.

About Granoff Enterprises

Established in 1992, the firm began by purchasing real estate notes and has since grown to accommodate all types of future cash flow. Martin Granoff also co-founded Cash Flow Exclusive, LCC, a respected industry publication for which he also serves as the vice president.