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Granoff Explains the Basics of Structured Settlement Payments

Jul 8, 2013

Posted by Marty Granoff

Davie, Florida (June 27, 2013) – Granoff Enterprises, a recognized lump sum payout specialist, discusses the basics of structured settlement payments on their website for the benefit of people who want to understand how these work. They also explain certain issues influencing the buying and selling of such cash flows.

Granoff defines this particular cash flow as the money parties receive, for example, as a result of a successful lawsuit or insurance claim involving personal injury, death, or medical malpractice. As per agreement with the insurance company, the payments will be made to the claimant in installments, over a specific period of time. But there may come a time when a claimant realizes that he or she needs a big amount of money to put up a business or make an investment, and decides to cash everything through a lump sum. This can be done by selling the payments to a third party.

Unfortunately, most firms who offer to buy structured settlements fail to pay the most amount of money possible for a number of reasons. Most of them employ sales people and marketing staff which they have to pay off and include in their overhead expenses, thus limiting the amount of money they can put out. With Granoff's smart practices and lower overhead expenses, they are able to offer some of the best deals in their buy outs. Prospective sellers can sell their settlements to Granoff either partially or in full, depending on their preference. Clients who have not even started to receive their future payments can already also sell them to the company.

Established in 1980 by Martin Granoff, the firm specializes in purchasing all types of future cash flow like contest winnings, casino prizes, and business notes. They also buy annuities from state lottery winnings, disability income payments, and immediate annuity payments. The company has grown and thrived through referrals from existing clients who have been satisfied with the firm's exceptional customer service.

For more information on the firm's services, visit www.GranoffEnterprises.com. More valuable information regarding structured settlements and other forms of annuities can also be found on CashFlowExclusive.com, for which Mr. Granoff serves as the Executive Vice President.

About Granoff Enterprises

Martin Granoff holds 50 years of industry experience and leads the firm in serving various clients that include private individuals, accountants, attorneys, cash flow brokers, financial advisors, and other professionals. Mr. Granoff also offers guidance and valuable advice for people asking “Should I sell my structured settlement payments?” and other questions related to future cash flow and how to make money out of them.