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Granoff Enterprises Offers to Purchase Structured Settlement Payments

May 13, 2013

Posted by Marty Granoff

Fort Lauderdale, Florida (May 6, 2013) - Granoff Enterprises is offering to purchase all types of structured settlement payments. The lump sum payout specialists help individuals meet their present financial needs by working with investors to purchase their expected annuities and get them the money they need as soon as possible.

Annuities can include winnings from the state lottery and other similar contests as well as casino prizes, lawsuit and structured settlements, immediate annuity payments, and disability income. Though these guarantee the payee a regular stream of income for a foreseeable amount of time, they are often not enough to help people meet immediate and demanding financial requirements.

Many do not realize that they can quickly and fully get the finances they require if they sell their annuity payments. Whether they need to use the amount to fund a new business, cover medical bills, or pay college tuition, individuals can look to companies like Granoff Enterprises to help them turn their money for later into money for now.

Since annuity payments cannot be sold like other financial items by having them listed in the market, Granoff Enterprises makes its purchase easy by simply having the owners enlist and furnish the details of their annuities. From there, they can sit back as the company works with multiple investors and develops different proposals for the purchase of the annuities. The owners are then presented with these proposals and are informed of the advantages of each, so they can choose the one most beneficial or profitable to them.

However, many people are still not aware that they can sell annuity payments for a lump sum payout. Martin Granoff, head of Granoff Enterprises, helps people better understand how they can do so through the services of his firm. He also accomplishes this by writing and publishing insightful articles on the industry on CashFlowExclusive.com.

A highly respected figure in the business, Granoff first ventured into the industry by thinking of how to reapply the method of purchasing real estate notes to buy lottery earnings from winners who did not yet have a lump sum payout option available to them. From there, he worked his way towards founding and running the business that now bears his name.

To learn more about selling future cash flow, visit www.GranoffEnterpises.com.

About Granoff Enterprises

The company helps lottery and other contest winners receive a lump sum payment for their winnings, eliminating their need to rely on scheduled partial payments. Though the firm originally only concentrated on lottery earnings, they have since branched out into purchasing different kinds of annuities and settlements.

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