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Frequently Asked Questions about Future Cash Flow (FAQs)

What is a cash flow?
Future payments expected to be received over time from a specific payor. When we say we “purchase future cash flows,” it means we acquire some or all of those future payments for a lump sum payment to you now. We then receive those future payments directly from the payor and you receive the lump sum from us now.
What kind of "future payments" qualifies for a lump sum payout through Granoff Enterprises?
Future payments come from many sources including state lottery payments; contest winnings (like TV game shows, golf hole-in-ones, consumer contests etc. payable over time); casino prizes (big progressive slot machine wins payable over time); business-related lawsuit settlements payable over time; structured settlements which are usually settled lawsuits involving personal injury or death and medical malpractice, payable over time; immediate annuity payments (the annuitant made an insurance purchase in the past to receive future monthly payments starting immediately); seller take-back business notes payable over time to facilitate the sale of the business; any other type of future payments from various sources.
Do I have to sell all of my future payments?
No. You can sell any portion of your future payments. Contact us for a free consultation.
What if I am owed future payments but have not started to receive them yet.. can I still sell to you?
Absolutely, yes.
What if I want to use the money to pay off debt?
No problem. You can use your lump sum payout for any reason you wish, including paying off debt or taking the vacation of a lifetime or turning a dream into a reality.
Every firm like yours claims to pay the most money to acquire future cash flows. What makes your firm different?
Unlike most other firms in our field, we have no sales people nor marketing staff. We thus have none of the expenses associated with a marketing department. This is a substantial savings for us and results is higher purchase quotes from us. All our business is generated through referrals and this website.
How do I know I’m getting the best lump sum payment through Granoff Enterprises?
We have been purchasing future cash flows for more than 20 years and have built a solid reputation with clients across the country, including finance professionals. We encourage our clients to do their research and compare quotes from others. Because of a keen industry knowledge, smart practices and low overhead, we are in the position to give you among the best lump sum offers you’ll find anywhere. Also, when you accept our purchase quote you can rest assured the transaction will commence immediately and we will work diligently to complete it as quickly as possible. We also assure you that you will receive the originally agreed upon price and terms at funding and no last minute changes. There is a good reason we have been in business this long ... performance as promised.


Find out how easy it is to receive a lump sum cash payment now for all or some of your future structured settlement payments, annuity payments, lottery winnings or any other kind of future cash flow. For a complimentary consultation click here and complete the short form. You can also reach us at 1-800-869-6060.