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Granoff Enterprises, the "lump sum payout specialists"

Marty GranoffWith nearly 50 years in investments and finance, Granoff Enterprises President Martin S. Granoff has established a long list of loyal clients and referral sources across the country. Today, the firm is highly regarded as "lump sum payout specialists" providing exceptional service, a keen industry knowledge— and offering among the highest lump sum payout amounts you'll find anywhere.

Founded in 1980 by Martin Granoff, Granoff Enterprises began raising equity and debt capital for new and existing business ventures.

In 1992 Granoff Enterprises expanded and began acquiring real estate notes (seller take-back financing when a property sells). In 1994 when big state lottery winners did not have a lump sum payout option, Granoff Enterprises began offering existing winners the ability to convert some or all of their future payments into lump sum cash now. Word spread and the firm began receiving inquiries regarding other future cash flows. The business continued to grow and Granoff Enterprises now purchases all types of future cash flows including:

  • contest winnings payable over time (television game show winners, hole-in-one golf prizes, etc.)
  • manufacturers' and retailers' contests, restaurant contests, etc.,
  • casino prizes (mainly big prize payout slot machine wins),
  • business notes (some seller financing offered buyers to help sell a business),
  • other future payments due from financially strong sources.

Today, Granoff Enterprises is highly regarded as a “lump sum payout specialist” with a solid reputation and a long list of loyal clients— including individuals, attorneys, accountants, financial advisors, cash flow brokers and other professionals serving those with future payments due to them from various sources. To better educate both professionals and cash flow recipients regarding the various options they have with their future revenue streams, Mr. Granoff co-founded and is executive vice president of "CASH FLOW EXCLUSIVE LLC," and its very popular industry publication. For your free subscription, click here.


Find out how easy it is to receive a lump sum cash payment now for all or some of your future structured settlement payments, annuity payments, lottery winnings or any other kind of future cash flow. For a complimentary consultation or purchase quote, click here and complete the short form. You can also reach us at 1-800-869-6060.